Various Options For Dry Eyes Treatment

Dry eye syndrome happens due to reduced production of tears in the eye or due to higher than normal evaporation of tear film. Some of the common symptoms of the syndrome include a burning sensation in the eye, dryness as well as constant irritation. Some people also experience pressure at the back of the eye, itchiness, redness, consistent mild pain as well as a tugging sensation. As far as the dry eyes treatment is concerned, there are several medications available in the market to manage this condition.

It is important to mention here that this condition cannot be cured completely but there are some medications that can help you manage it properly. It is recommended to wear sunglasses while outdoors to get rid of some of the dryness and to keep the particles out of your eyes.

Some people also use over the counter drops easily available in the market for dry eyes treatment but these have been found to be effective only for some time. Some of these medications help in reducing redness but do not provide adequate moisture which means the burning sensation remains. One of the popular treatments includes placement of a small insert inside the eyelid that releases lubricant continually to keep the eyes moist.

It is recommended to get in touch with an ophthalmologist or an optometrist for treatment of this condition before you begin using any over the counter eye drops or other kinds of eye medication. Do not forget that wrong medication can be extremely harmful to your eyes, especially when you use it over a long period of time. An ophthalmologist or optometrist can give you much better advice as they are aware of this problem and can prescribe safe solutions.

Some people also suffer from this condition due to various environmental factors. If you experience dry eyes due to environmental factors, you should take proper precaution to reduce exposure to various outdoor elements by using protective gear. You may also use foam inserts on the side of the sunglasses for added protection. Some people also find relief by using air filters and cleaners in their home when this syndrome is caused by the indoor elements. Humidifiers may also provide relief as moist indoor air prevents eye dryness.

There are also some invasive treatments available today that involve insertion of plugs in the tear ducts. Insertion of plugs prevents draining of tears quickly and helps in keeping the eyes moist. However, it is important that you visit a qualified doctor for this procedure.

Overall, there are several treatments available today to easily manage this condition but you should consult a professional before you start using a medication.

Dry Eye Treatment